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World Time Planner
World Time Planner
World Time Planner
World Time Planner
World Time Planner
World Time Planner
World Time Planner
World Time Planner


In World Time Planner, time can be changed for every city including the home city. Convert time instantly. Any change in one city dynamically changes for all other cities instantly. We have a database of 22000+ cities.
This application is suitable for all people who feel a need to set up meetings with people in other time zones, regardless of whether it is business or personal.

Key Features:
1. Set Appointment time - across countries instant on Home screen
2. Scroll compare - right time in compare time screen
3. Google Calender integration & set your alarm time
4. 24 Hour Meeting Reminder in Home Page
5. Reorder cities
6. Instant single city delete
7. Multi city delete
8. Festival notification alert for every city
9. Weather - for every city
10. Share the common time - whatsapp, facebook, telegram, messenger, email
11. Five different font sizes - with Regular and Bold - Better visibility for all ages
12. Exciting Backgrounds
(i) Base Colors
(ii) Photos
(iii) India Locations
13. Intutive icons
14. Customize your Logo - Personal or Company logo appears on your application
15. Contact us
16. FAQs and How to use Videos - in blog

Why Festival Alert?
Festival notification alert would help in circumventing probable holidays in other countries for which people may not be available. Also festival alert makes for good conversation with our counterparts across the world as it a window to their culture.

Why Weather?
Weather of the selected city can also be seen while setting a new meeting request. Build a rapport with your customer or your loved one, talking of the weather in their location.

Why Customizeable Logo?
Customizable logo from the menu , a logo will make your customers aware of your products every time you share the time with them. A personal image loaded by you from your phone will also be received by the person who has been shared. Advertize your company's products or publish your strategy. As an individual, sign your thoughts, with your friends or colleagues.

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World Time Planner

World Time Planner

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