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X3 SPD Battery Charger
X3 SPD Battery Charger
X3 SPD Battery Charger
X3 SPD Battery Charger
X3 SPD Battery Charger
X3 SPD Battery Charger
X3 SPD Battery Charger
X3 SPD Battery Charger
X3 SPD Battery Charger
X3 SPD Battery Charger


X3 SPD Battery Charger Description: applications that help you save battery life in use, if you are someone who likes to use. Mobile phones, such as playing games, listening to music and watching movies and using the battery in your cell phone. Decreased continuously, or if you open other applications, it can make your battery has dropped as well, probably not enough to use. In an emergency or time sensitive, or you may need to use accessories. Rechargeable batteries

So quickly, battery charger best time to conserve battery life of your phone or tablet. Whenever the battery is running low or too much, then tap the program that will save mode.

X3 SPD Battery Charger has a power saving features three modes to choose customized according to your needs by tapping the on / off.

This app provides three types of mode to save your battery when it runs low.

1. Save Mode (recommended for use in low battery status).

The brightness set to 10%.
Inhibit Wifi
Stand-by time of 15 seconds
2. Sleep Mode (recommended when you are asleep).

Turn off the phone and SMS and airplane mode.
Close vibrations
Mute Mute and equipment
The brightness set to 10%.
3. Customize mode

Easily customize each mode depending on your usage to conserve battery life as much as you want.
You can adjust the settings to conserve battery life freely according to your needs and applications.
Adjust Wifi, Bluetooth, vibration, sound, brightness and synchronization and stand by time.
Qualifications and requirements

On / off Wifi
Switch on / off mobile data.
Enable / Disable GPS.
Switch on / off Bluetooth.
Switch on / off the airplane mode.
Manager timed device's screen.
Management Lighting Equipment
Warning when the battery of your device down.
Status widget and switches. (Different styles of tools that allow you to open the app with a single tap. Fast and easy to use!).
Free to use
Battery Specification:

Current mAH
The temperature in Celsius (degree Celsius)
The voltage in mV
Technology used
Plugged in via USB or wall charger
Show charging status or if not charged.
Optimization of equipment:

Power Manual option.
Feedback Saver (apps and more efficient use of memory).
Task Killer Feature:

Thank you for your 5 stars

Free, fast battery charger saves you energy throughout the day.

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X3 SPD Battery Charger

X3 SPD Battery Charger



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