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YouBlue -Smart Bluetooth Auto
YouBlue -Smart Bluetooth Auto
YouBlue -Smart Bluetooth Auto
YouBlue -Smart Bluetooth Auto
YouBlue -Smart Bluetooth Auto
YouBlue -Smart Bluetooth Auto


New in latest version::
Added Widget used to toggle service
Added "Start ANY app" on Bluetooth connect
Added ability to run in foreground which makes it less likely the operating system will shut down the service.
Added ability to start YouBlue on boot.
Optimized UI
Multi-Language Support

HIGHLIGHTS (details lower in page)::
Action -> Reaction
Lost connection to Wifi -> Turn on Bluetooth, check for devices
Connected to Wifi -> Turn off Bluetooth (after delay)
Connected to Bluetooth -> Start an app of your choosing (see settings)
Disconnected from Bluetooth -> Turn off Bluetooth, then attempt reconnect after some time

***WANT TO TEST IT?*** (if you're connected to wifi)
-if you want a music app to start on Bluetooth connect, be sure to go to settings and select the desired app
-it assumes you're disconnected from wifi at startup, so turn on Bluetooth manually before starting the service to see it turn it off after a few seconds
-you can also disable wifi after starting the service to simulate a disconnect from wifi. It will turn on Bluetooth.

This is a very simple app which uses some logic to determine when/if your Bluetooth adapter needs to be on (Smart Bluetooth Control). If your car supports Bluetooth but you don't make use of it because you don't remember to turn it on, or if you leave Bluetooth on all the time but want to save battery, this app is for you.

It's a service which runs in the background and can be toggled on/off in app or via the widget. Once the service is started, it will keep running even if you close the app. To stop it, open the app and click the stop button or tap the widget.

Algorithm: (Completely Customizable)
-Wifi Detection-
On wifi disconnect, Bluetooth is turned on for 20 seconds. If it connects, it's done. If it doesn't connect it will try again 6 more times in 2 minute increments. (In case your router is far from your car, apartment?)
On wifi connect, Bluetooth is turned off
-Bluetooth Detection-
On Bluetooth connect, a desired music app will be started if configured from the settings menu.
If you are connected to Bluetooth and that connection drops, the adapter is immediately turned off. A check is run every 2 minutes for the next 20 minutes, then every 5 minutes for the next fifty minutes. (maybe you stopped for gas, or for lunch, but no wifi to detect) Each check turns the adapter on for 20 seconds, then off if no connection occurs.

Current Version::
**** New in version 3.02****
-Updated UI
-Feedback and rating support
-Multi-Language Support
-Start and Stop buttons replaced by toggle button
-Quick link to Bluetooth pairing and settings menu added

**** New in version 1.4 ****
-Auto start music streaming app when Bluetooth connects
-Currently supports (some names abbreviated by request):
--Milk Music
--Goo--- Music
*YouBlue has NO ASSOCIATION with any of the above listed Apps. Users must have the desired App installed and configured for auto start to work properly.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Kevin Ersoy is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners

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YouBlue -Smart Bluetooth Auto

YouBlue -Smart Bluetooth Auto

Kevin Ersoy


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