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Zombie Surgery Simulator
Zombie Surgery Simulator
Zombie Surgery Simulator
Zombie Surgery Simulator
Zombie Surgery Simulator
Zombie Surgery Simulator
Zombie Surgery Simulator
Zombie Surgery Simulator
Zombie Surgery Simulator
Zombie Surgery Simulator


There is an emergency declared in the city due to a Zombie plague that has caused quite a lot of destruction and made many people injured. All hospitals and ambulance are full of people so it’s your job now to start treating patients and perform open heart surgery, stomach surgery, and ear surgery, tummy surgery and even maternity surgery

There are 4 patients that need your help and you can choose any one of them and start preparation for surgery by becoming an amazing ambulance doctor.

Every patient has a different injury and you will have to treat them to make them human again.
The first patient needs a stomach surgery because it got ruptured while the patient fell on sharp objects that pierced through his gut. So he will need a plastic surgery as well. You can start by becoming an amateur surgeon and making incision and put stitches inside to stop the bleeding. Make sure you do the surgery in a correct manner, otherwise the patient might need a heart surgery doctor as well.

The second patient broke his leg and needs metal plates and plaster to get the bone fixed again, as shown by the x-ray.

The third Patient is not much serious as he injured his wrist and needs a minor ear surgery in the hospital. But still he needs a proper doctor surgeon to help him out. You will have to make a minor incision and fix the patients wrist by applying stitches and at the end finally applying bandage after he gets back from the x-ray doctor. After that, he might need an ear surgery as well, but we are still not sure about it.

Finally the fourth patient is also a bit serious as he got his kidney ruptured and needs emergency liver surgery so that the organ can be saved. You can start by administrating an injection to put the patient to sleep and make a small incision. To make this game interesting, there is a mini game included that will never make you feel bored. After you have fixed the patient’s kidney, stitch the incision to stop the bleeding and apply bandage. You must understand that the kidney is close to the liver, so perform the correct surgery otherwise he might need a liver surgery as well.

So what are you guys waiting for? Download this fun filled exciting game and start treating patients.
Features Include:
• Be the crazy doctor you always wanted to be
• Perform real surgeries on patients to make them better again
• Operate on mommies that need maternity surgery.

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Zombie Surgery Simulator

Zombie Surgery Simulator

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