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⭕️Order in the cosmic court! A planetary pileup in Virgo calls for serenity. But as the last of 2019’s three Jupiter-Neptune squares sows confusion, and stressful Mars enters the fray, we may need to sort out some complexities first.

But don’t rush! September brings the third of this year’s three rare and confounding angle. With overoptimistic Jupiter and foggy Neptune butting heads, making any kind of clear path will be challenging, especially when they reach an exact alignment on September 21.

「In the meantime, meditate and visualize! 」

We love using crystals or mala in our meditation practice.

From laying the stones out to inspire an intention, to clearing the space of negative energy, to holding them in our hands as a focus point while meditating.

So, how can you use them in your daily life?

We have some suggestions below:


We like to stay calm when travelling. Having a crystal to hold in our hands definitely helps ease our anxiety when starting a new journey. From flying, to trains, to long car rides. Holding one of these stones is a beautiful reminder to breathe and invite stillness, helping to calm your nerves.

🌟On your desk🌟

Oftentimes we hit a lull of energy while at work. Having a crystal on our desk to remind us of our intentions and to return to our breath is a beautiful thing. We like to hold a stone in our hand, take a few deep breaths with our eyes closed, and then return to our laptop. Feeling refreshed and more at ease.

🌟At home🌟

Having the crystals out around the home is a physical reminder of our mindfulness practice. And it often inspires us to take a moment to sit in silence and just breathe. It also helps remind us of what we’re calling into our lives and to remain open.

🌟Under your pillow🌟

Having trouble sleeping? Many people believe putting an Amethyst stone beneath their pillow cures insomnia.

How do you like to solve your anxiety in your daily life?Find The Most Powerful mala For Your Zodiac Sign.

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